BSL, delivers products with high-quality fabrics and outstanding craftsmanship. These main qualities of our company are directly responding to consumers anywhere in the world. This means a sustainable business model. BSL gives franchise rights to investors who want to experience this business model anywhere in the world. You can reach our basic franchise rules below. You can also send an e-mail to for further details.

Our Conditions

-When issuing franchises abroad, BSL authorizes the investor in the target country and expects the investor to reach a certain number of stores within a certain plan. These customs vary from country to country.

-Investor can only open stores by region and location approved by BSL. As a result of the feasibility, a franchise agreement is signed for the location that is evaluated positively.

-BSL store should be minimum 200 m2.

-The investor who wishes to take franchise is obliged to apply the architectural concept one to one, provided that the cost is his own.  

-We do not demand a brand price, we sell the products to our investors abroad with 40% profit. You can try out to increase the profitability at the your target country. Due to the difference in exchange in Turkey it won’t be difficult. We send the products with cash payment. We do not accept returns.  

The initial term of this agreement is one (1) year.


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